Q: Can you repair my equipment at my home?

A: We only provide repair services at our facility. You will need to bring your equipment to our facility during our regular business hours or you may contact us regarding our pickup and delivery service.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to have my equipment repaired?

A: No appointment is necessary, major repairs are conducted based on the order received at our facility. We do our best to conduct minor repairs as soon as possible.

Q: My equipment is in need of repair and is still under warranty, do you provide warranty services?

A: Yes, we provide both extended and manufacturer warranty services for most major brands. However, we do NOT make the approval decision for warranty repairs. Declined warranty repairs can be conducted at the owner’s expense.

Q: How long will it take to repair my equipment?

A: Estimated time of repairs varies throughout the year. We will provide an estimated time for repairs at the time we intake your equipment.

Q: My equipment will not start how much it is going to cost to repair my machine.

A: Pricing varies with each type of equipment. We have a minimum repair cost threshold and will provide an estimate when repairs exceed the minimum cost.

Q: : Will I be called before repairs are initiated on my equipment?

A: Customers are called only if the repair costs exceed the minimum repair cost which varies with the different types of machines.

Q: Can I have my equipment diagnosed?

A: A complete diagnosis can only be determined if a machine brought to our facility can be started. Our minimum repair cost includes the minimum service to get equipment started.

Q: Do you service electric equipment?

A: Unfortunately, we do not provide any service on electric power equipment.

Q: I have equipment that I no longer want and would like to get rid of, what can I do with it?

A: We will accept your unwanted lawn and garden equipment and in some instances pick up the equipment at no cost to you.

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